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by Jared on 2 May, 2012, one comment

Do What You Love Especially When You Are Busy

Life in Utah over the past few weeks has been crazy! First of all we are having a baby in a few months. So birthing classes preparing the nursery (pictures to come) and refinishing some furniture has us swamped.

Last friday I graduated from Utah Valley University so the past few weeks have been busy finalizing projects and taking finals. Mom was able to make it into town as well which added to the festivities.

Some of my projects are being displayed here. PSAs we shot for the Utah Safety Council two more still need to be uploaded so check back for more later.

Both of those life changing activities have their joys however I have found a way to squeeze in a few things that I really really enjoy.

1. I have gotten a fair amount of riding in at 5 Mile Pass Recreation Area. For a full review of that use this link to my riding site www.atvcowboy.com

2. Side Hustles: We love buying restoring and flipping items on local classifieds. It is a huge part of our Utah Lifestyle.  Right now I am working on some of my bikes I have collected. Here is my current project which should bring around $125 profit when I am done.

So when life is getting busy take a few minutes to do a few Lifestyle things that you love doing. What are some things you do to step away from the daily grind?

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