Our Utah Life


by Jared on 4 July, 2012, no comments

So our life changed forever just a few weeks ago when we welcomed Wyatt Guy Oldham into our family. The pregnancy was exciting and we could not wait to welcome our little handsome man into our family. I won’t go into the details of the birth except to say he was born healthy and strong and Lauren has been recovering well. You will notice from the Instagram feed Wyatt has taken over. He is cute and growing fast and already a great little adventure baby. Which means he spends most of his time eating, sleeping and pooping. I am proud to say he has taken two very short 4 wheeler drives down the drive way with me to get the mail. He slept through both of them so he still has no idea what happened. Anyways things will start picking up again as far as the blog goes… Lauren and I hope to go on a few short adventures that we can share on the site.

We still plan on reviewing a ton of great places to eat in fact I have a few we already need to review. I also plan to add a few new sections to the site which should add to the value of the site.

Stay tuned for more.

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