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The Need For The Common Adventure

by Jared on 9 June, 2014, no comments

Hiking Trail

I grew up in a small mountain community southeast of Spanish Fork. Every single day was an adventure, in the summer we would, ride ATVs build forts and sleep under the stars. When it got hot we would throw on our swim suits and jump off the bridge into the Spanish Fork river. We played night games, hiked mountains, and spent the entire winter riding snowboards and sledding. The unique area left us with the opportunity to as much imaginative play as we could muster. I learned to be tough, to work to do hard things and have a great time doing it.

New Adventures

Growing up brings a lot of change, higher education, dating, marriage, kids and a career. While each of those is an adventure of their own they have a different feel, than the care free fun of childhood. I find myself getting so caught up in the details of “adult life” that I often find myself surfing the internet reading blogs or looking at Instagram accounts of people who I would say live much more adventures lives than I do. While many of their travels take them to places I can’t wait to see, the thing I find myself envious of most is the adventure. That feeling of being somewhere new not knowing what the day ahead of you will bring. Deciding to do something without considering the practicality of the activity whatsoever. I think this is something that so many of us need, I certainly know that I need it.

The Summer Of Common Adventures


So we have declared this the summer of common adventures. We won’t be backpacking through Europe or taking an exotic vacation but because we love the outdoors and Utah. We will be going on more hikes, camping more often and walking or biking to more local destinations. Having as many adventures as we can muster. I hope to document as many as I can and I hope that some of you will do the same.

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