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Storage Wars: American Fork

by Jared on 27 March, 2012, no comments

Storage Wars American Fork Utah

It’s no secret that we love to get out and try new things. Over the past year or so I have really wanted to try out a storage auction. I have always wanted to do this however I would be lying if I said I was not inspired by the popular television show Storage Wars. We love finding a good deal and I also love reselling things online so we thought in addition to our Saturday morning Yard Sailing, we should try out an auction. Luckily for me I have a cousin who manages a storage unit complex in American Fork, so we got on her email list so we would be notified about the next upcoming auction.

People Are Serious About This

We arrived close to 30 minutes before the auction was set to begin and the place was already busy. People from every walk of life waiting to out bid each other for stuff people didn’t want to pick up and pay the bill for, sounds crazy right? We filled out some paper work and got our bidding card lucky number 10… or so I thought.

Auction Bidding Number

Locker #1

Dirty…. mostly empty with a few non matching chairs and end tables that I thought were worth about $10. We didn’t bid….. I was surprised to see the locker went for $35 dollars I think my cousin was pretty happy with that number as well. Just like in the show we got a minute to peak in and see if we saw anything we liked. No touching moving or opening allowed not that it was needed here. I did want to act like I was super excited about the locker possibly mention that the chairs were made by some famous chair desinger just to see if people would bid more….. stupid conscience said I couldn’t. I do wish I had taken a picture of the guy who bought the locker you would have liked him.

Locker #2 

Was stuffed to the brim with some interesting items. At first I did not see much but I decided to go back for a second view and found some cool stuff. Vintage toy train some well packed boxes an antique vacuum and a few other items that I sadly can’t remember. I wanted to bid on this one and with some cash on hand I thought I would go as high as $125. Before I even got my card up the bidding was well past $125 and finalized at $275. Depending on what was in the boxes it could have been worth it.

Locker # 3

They saved the best for last, this locker had some valuable power tools including a very cool air compressor, pressure washer and some unopened bins. I also saw an older but decent Ride snowboard and a few other items of interest. I wanted this locker but considering how high the #2 went for I did not think we had enough cash to try on our little experiment. The bidding began and for about three seconds I held the top bid at $325, the next bidder quickly chimed in at $400 surpassing the other $25 increments we had been using all morning, and we were left to watch. The locker sold for $625 to a happy redneck couple with deeper pockets than us.

Overall I loved every second of it… the people watching alone was well worth the hour that we spent at the auction. I also hope do this a few more times and get on a few more email lists. If you are interested in attending an auction contact the facility and ask to be placed on their list. Also shameless plug for my cousins place it’s right of the freeway in American Fork, tell them I sent you and it will give me brownie points with my cousin.

Have you ever been to a Storage Auction or something similar? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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