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Shop Local: State Street in American Fork

by Jared on 18 March, 2012, no comments

Shopping Local is something we care a lot about and is a big part of our life in Utah. For me it is about relationships… as we meet small businesses owners we love to learn about their stories and support their establishments by purchasing from them. Those relationships are the just the begining of connecting with others in a world that is spreading apart to quickly. Many of our restaurant reviews are from places near our home because we want to support them before venturing too far from home.

Lauren and I live in Highland barely…. in fact we are the first house inside of Highland bordering American Fork. Because we drive through American Fork on our way to work and to see family I often feel like we live there rather than Highland. One thing we love about American Fork is the center part of town. It is nice and very well kept, the old homes are beautifully taken care and many have been converted into small businesses. State Street passes through American Fork giving that section of town an old time main street feel. The road is lined with small businesses ranging from Insurance agencies to a Husband and Wife store. Of course I wanted to check out the store but Lauren who is five and a half months pregnant was not really in the mood for checking out lingerie so we skipped it…. my loss.

We walked down each each side of the street checking out as many stores as possible, we spent most of our time in local consignment shops and boutiques. A few places we had to mention Auntie Bling Blings a cute boutique operated by a chipper women named Helen who showed us around. We put her on the look for a few items I have been looking for and added ourselves to her email list. Lauren fell in love with a few framed pictures of horses that she wanted for our little handsome mans room. Sadly I talked her into waiting to get them because she keeps changing her mind on how she plans to decorate the nursery. They had collected a pile of dust so I wasn’t too worried someone would snatch them before we decided. Auntie sent us on our way with her business card and a promise to find the bar stools we are looking for.

We skipped over the local smoke shop and headed into Rubi’s Cake Shop where I purchased a delicous little dessert. The shop makes custom cakes for weddings and birthday parties, they also have a few desserts on hand if you are looking for something smaller.

Treat in hand we kept on moving, checking out a few places we wont mention. However I have to mention Alpine Lock and Safe…. why you may ask! The images say everything….

Life In Utah

Living In Utah


Why Alpine Lock and Safe is more than half taken over by knives and other rudimentary killing devices, is a question that I still need answered. The place was so packed we didn’t even get the chance to ask anyone before we forced ourselves to leave rather than purchasing our own set of twin battle axes…. I will be back soon.

Because of my obsession with Pawn Shops we stopped by the local Pawn Shop to see if they had anything new… of course we saw almost nothing we would ever want and yet at the same time I had this itch to step behind the counter and ask the guy if he wanted to just let me take over and start running things. Of course he was wasting time on Youtube when he could have been searching KSL or Craigslist for valuable items to purchase on the cheap, amateur.

My favorite stop was at Mona Lisa’s consignment shop…. which has recently taken on new owners. Carle was awesome and helpful, I have wanted to try consignment on a few of our Yard sailing finds so we exchanged information and now it is time to try it out. I will let you know how it goes. I love to see the amazing vintage items at consignment shops, I found a set of leather office chairs I wanted, I even talked her into selling them for $100 as a set of four rather than each like the previous owner was trying to do… however in the end my frugal fist won as I realized we had no place for 4 office chairs in our house… I admit I have been trying to convince myself of a few reasons why we need them ever since we left.

We ended the day with dinner at a local Mexican place that we have never been to which we liked, we will post about it during the week.

Overall our dollar did very little today in the local economy yet the relationships that were formed will be very valuable in the long run. Purchasing locally has a different feel about it a genuineness that breaches the cold gap between corporations and consumers. Don’t get me wrong I love a great deal on Amazon, but supporting local establishments pays dividends in ways Amazon can’t. Tell us about some of your favorite local finds, no matter where you are living?


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