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Mountain West Burrito

by Jared on 11 April, 2012, no comments

Mountain West Burrito

This review has been months in the coming, because I was waiting until Lauren had tried the food so I could get her take on it. MWB is in north Provo just off of state street you can find out more about them here.

Mountain West Burrito boasts an organic menu with home grown ingredients from around the state, whenever possible MWB purchases locally grown vegetables, beans and free range meats that taste great and fill you up in a wholesome way.

Their signature items are their Burritos which are large and have loads of flavor. Each burrito is stuffed with meat, rice, beans and flavor. If the regular is not large enough you can upsize to the Giant size which massive and could easily be shared or eaten for leftovers the next day, that is if you can resist downing it all in one sitting.

I had the chimichanga which was amazing make it a deluxe (adding guacamole and sour cream). The green salsa provided has a nice kick and compliments the chimi well. The meat beans and rice have a hardy yet oddly sophisticated taste for a chimi.

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Mountain West Burrito

Lauren had the chicken burrito and loved it. The burritos are identical to the Chimis except the guacamole and sour are inside. The burrito is served wrapped up and ready to devour.Mountain West Burrito

MWB decor is simple with a small to mid sized eating area. The only location draw back for me is sharing the building (a door separates the who establishments) with the a local smoke shop. Even on a random Tuesday night the place was very busy with loads of regulars chatting it up with one of the owners who often operates the cash drawer. Mountain West is a must eat in Provo for any foodie, it’s a business dedicated to sustainability manifested in its mission and amazing Food!

Mountain West is a great place to fill that local food craving. Check it out and tell us what you think. What do you love about MWB? What is your favorite item on the menu? Want others to learn about MWB? Share this review with your friends.

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