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How to properly destroy a plastic bottle: A fun glimpse into dog ownership

by Jared on 8 March, 2012, 4 comments

Molly our one year old Labrador is a pretty big part of Life In Utah for us. Ever since Blaze our family Labrador died when I was fourteen I wanted another dog. Last year with some pleading and promises that I have already forgotten I was able to convince Lauren to let us get a dog. The search began for the proper pup via KSL and after a month or two I found a few that fit the budget and were close. Molly has been an adventure from the get go. She was in the house a total of ten minutes when I knocked over her newly purchased dog food and spilt food all across the kitchen floor.

Life In Utah


Molly is sweet and very gentle she almost never barks (she doesn’t seem to understand why dogs do that) and she loves to play. One of her favorite things to do is chew on a toy while Lauren and I watch something on TV. She particularly enjoys plastic soda bottles and has a very specific method of destroying them.

1. Get to the Dew: Molly puts all of her attention on getting the blasted lid of so she can have a lick around the inside of the bottle for leftover Mt. Dew flavor. The lid is the most time consuming for her but you can tell it is by far her favorite part.

Life In Utah

2. The Wrapper: For whatever reason the wrapper is annoying and once her tongue can no longer go any further into the bottle she gives up on the inside and heads to get rid of the annoying wrapper.

Life In Utah

3. Flatten: The annoying wrapper is now off, and it’s time to stop the noise, which I think she likes the noise the most but loves to flatten the bottle. Once it’s flat she’s done.

That’s how you properly destroy a plastic bottle. Have a funny story about your dog share it with us.

4 thoughts on “How to properly destroy a plastic bottle: A fun glimpse into dog ownership

  1. I really enjoy dogs, but mostly other people’s dogs! Your little guy is super cute though. Almost makes me want to get one for my kids… almost!

  2. We just got a puppy a few months ago. Now he’s a six month old 55lbs boxer, still growing, and destroying every toy we give him. I’ve also had the pleasure of dog-proofing my yard over the last few months… :)

  3. I love owning a dog… but must admit once I found out that one of our neighbors has a lab similar to ours that never gets out, I was a bit disappointed I could have never got one and just played with theirs, made them deal with the expenses haha.

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