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Capt Len’s BBQ: Alpine Utah

by Jared on 29 March, 2012, 4 comments

Capt Len’s BBQ: Alpine Utah

I have been craving BBQ for a few weeks and Lauren had heard from a coworker that Len’s was good so we decided we should check it out. Len’s is just up the street from us which may be a very bad thing… in the long run. I do not express to be some BBQ expert although I have tried many places here and in the South. The only thing I can claim to be an expert on is my own opinion and in my opinion Len’s was delicious. No it was not the best BBQ I have ever had but it was good really good. I decided to have the 4 rib dinner with mac and cheese and beans as my sides.

Life In Utah BBQ

The ribs were fantastic, my only regret was not getting an entire rack (not that I needed one I was full) so I could have had some leftovers. The baked beans were also delicious, not your canned Bush’s beans that I have had at other local BBQ places, but a great recipe I would love to have. Len’s offers several signature sauces to try with your food my favorite was the Texas Jack. My only minor complaint was the mac and cheese was a lot of mac and almost no cheese, but I could have got the bottom of the pot.

Lauren had the delicous pulled pork sandwich she loved… I had a few bites and can attest that it was great. We should have also tried the chicken they had on the grill when we arrived…. it smelt amazing but I did not want to leave in a food coma afterwards so I regretfully passed.

Len’s has a simple cute interior with a very BBQ style feel, paper everything for easy quick disposal. We were also lucky enough to have a band playing while we were there which livened up our late meal ( a feature they have often check their Facebook page for more details). We will definetly be heading back some time soon try out a few other signature items.

Have you been to Capt Len’s BBQ? If so tell us what you thought? If you have a place you want us to try let us know in the comments section as well.

4 thoughts on “Capt Len’s BBQ: Alpine Utah

  1. Yum! Now I am craving BBQ and a burrito at almost midnight! I’m going to have to try some of these places!

  2. I have been playing here, in the St. George area, for a number of years. I electronic key boards / guitar / and sing of course. I have been specializing in that great music for the very early days – but I do contemporary country – original – question —- is there an audition process to come play and put some grins on those who are eatin’ barbeque —

    Alan L. Foote

  3. I doubt that there is an audition process. Just give them a ring and I am sure you could schedule a weekend. (801) 492-4444
    UT, USA

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