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Mountain West Burrito

by Jared on 11 April, 2012, no comments

Mountain West Burrito

This review has been months in the coming, because I was waiting until Lauren had tried the food so I could get her take on it. MWB is in north Provo just off of state street you can find out more about them here.

Mountain West Burrito boasts an organic menu with home grown ingredients from around the state, whenever possible MWB purchases locally grown vegetables, beans and free range meats that taste great and fill you up in a wholesome way.

Their signature items are their Burritos which are large and have loads of flavor. Each burrito is stuffed with meat, rice, beans and flavor. If the regular is not large enough you can upsize to the Giant size which massive and could easily be shared or eaten for leftovers the next day, that is if you can resist downing it all in one sitting.

I had the chimichanga which was amazing make it a deluxe (adding guacamole and sour cream). The green salsa provided has a nice kick and compliments the chimi well. The meat beans and rice have a hardy yet oddly sophisticated taste for a chimi.

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Mountain West Burrito

Lauren had the chicken burrito and loved it. The burritos are identical to the Chimis except the guacamole and sour are inside. The burrito is served wrapped up and ready to devour.Mountain West Burrito

MWB decor is simple with a small to mid sized eating area. The only location draw back for me is sharing the building (a door separates the who establishments) with the a local smoke shop. Even on a random Tuesday night the place was very busy with loads of regulars chatting it up with one of the owners who often operates the cash drawer. Mountain West is a must eat in Provo for any foodie, it’s a business dedicated to sustainability manifested in its mission and amazing Food!

Mountain West is a great place to fill that local food craving. Check it out and tell us what you think. What do you love about MWB? What is your favorite item on the menu? Want others to learn about MWB? Share this review with your friends.

5 Tips On How To Become A Yard-sale Guru

by Jared on 5 April, 2012, no comments

Yard Sale Guru 101

Over the past few years I have dedicated every Saturday morning possible to visiting yard-sales. We have found dozens of great items that we have either kept for ourselves or were able to sell online for profit. Yard sales are a great way to find antiques or used goods at a great price. Here are 5 Tips On How To Become A Yard-sale Guru.

    1. Have A Plan: Know ahead of time what you are looking for and jump online and check your local classifieds for a list of Yard Sales and what they have in your local area. I always checkout www.ksl.com and create a list of the local sales I want to visit. Then we plug it into the phone map system so we can get there quickly saving gas and time.

    2. Start Early: Be the first to show up and you can get the best deals. I can’t stress enough how important it is to start early and get to the sales before everything has been picked over. Last year we arrived at a large sale before the crowd we purchased about five items and before we left someone offered me double what I paid for one item. I declined because it was worth five times what I paid if listed on ksl. Had I been ten minutes later we would have missed that item.

    3. Eye check: On busy Saturdays we always find signs for sales we didn’t know about. We put them into the plan and do a drive by Eye Check. Nothing can ruin a good Yard-sale day more than getting out of the car rummaging through piles of stuff you do not want and wasting time. Drive by slow and scan the yard for great items and organized piles, If you don’t see something that really peaks your interest move on without stopping.

    4. Negotiate: First let me note that you should be respectful and reasonable, nothing can lose a good sale for you more than pissing someone off. Items at most garage sales are priced well or at least they should be in my opinion (if you are looking to make a lot of cash on an item, sell it in the classifieds or some other avenue where you can get top dollar a garage sale is for selling items you want to get ride of and would be happy to get some cash for it instead) However just because the sticker says they want $50 does not mean you need to pay anywhere near that. So how can you get a good deal…. show interest in the item poke around it let the owner know you are interested. Just how people like to hear their own name they like when people show interest in things they at one point liked enough to purchase. Knowing you are interested creates an instant camaraderie of sorts. I like to discuss things about the item with my wife talk about the price where you might put it in the house and how it might look often the seller chimes in during this process. I also like to move on saying it is more than we can pay for the item. This often opens the door to negotiate, or by coming back to it in a few minutes you can say something like… “I really like this but I just can’t justify paying $50 for it, would you take $25″
    Yes I almost always start with half why? Well what if they sell it for half, you just got a great deal! Also it helps you see just how interested they are in negotiating. Often a seller will then counter with something in between. Now you can decide if you want to split the difference again or accept their offer. Last but not least bulk buy, if they are slow to negotiate on the $50 item and only want to sell it for say $40. See if you can’t throw in a few other items for the same price or at a huge discount. The sentimental attachment of the $50 item could be played into your favor offering them $60 for it and 3 other items listed for $40 dollars together. If they agree to this deal you walk away with $90 worth of items for $60. Get creative and do not be afraid to ask. Remember only buy in bulk things you actually want or think you can sell for a profit.

    5. Cash Is King: have your cash on hand, it helps you negotiate better because you can say you are ready to purchase it now. I have seen multiple times someone will leave to go get cash and either forget or talk themselves out of purchasing the item on their way to the ATM leaving the seller high and dry. Having your cash on hand can also help when you run into a great deal. More than once we have seen a gem we know we could resell online and having extra cash can often help on getting a great item. WARNING be careful not to spend your reserve on anything not well worth it… do not let the extra cash on hand tempt you to buy something you do not need or want that would really kill the Yard Sale GURU inside.

Yard-sales can be a lot of fun and a great way to spend a weekend morning. It is a fun way for us to spend time together and find items to decorate or use at a very good price. What types of things do you do to make your Yard-selling experiences great? Share them in the comments section….

Capt Len’s BBQ: Alpine Utah

by Jared on 29 March, 2012, 4 comments

Capt Len’s BBQ: Alpine Utah

I have been craving BBQ for a few weeks and Lauren had heard from a coworker that Len’s was good so we decided we should check it out. Len’s is just up the street from us which may be a very bad thing… in the long run. I do not express to be some BBQ expert although I have tried many places here and in the South. The only thing I can claim to be an expert on is my own opinion and in my opinion Len’s was delicious. No it was not the best BBQ I have ever had but it was good really good. I decided to have the 4 rib dinner with mac and cheese and beans as my sides.

Life In Utah BBQ

The ribs were fantastic, my only regret was not getting an entire rack (not that I needed one I was full) so I could have had some leftovers. The baked beans were also delicious, not your canned Bush’s beans that I have had at other local BBQ places, but a great recipe I would love to have. Len’s offers several signature sauces to try with your food my favorite was the Texas Jack. My only minor complaint was the mac and cheese was a lot of mac and almost no cheese, but I could have got the bottom of the pot.

Lauren had the delicous pulled pork sandwich she loved… I had a few bites and can attest that it was great. We should have also tried the chicken they had on the grill when we arrived…. it smelt amazing but I did not want to leave in a food coma afterwards so I regretfully passed.

Len’s has a simple cute interior with a very BBQ style feel, paper everything for easy quick disposal. We were also lucky enough to have a band playing while we were there which livened up our late meal ( a feature they have often check their Facebook page for more details). We will definetly be heading back some time soon try out a few other signature items.

Have you been to Capt Len’s BBQ? If so tell us what you thought? If you have a place you want us to try let us know in the comments section as well.