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The Broncos Manning and Tebow debacle

by Jared on 20 March, 2012, 3 comments

Please read the entire post before posting hate mail and sending death threats. ( for those readers who love Tim and the Broncos). Life in Utah lets me choose which NFL team I want to follow without feeling I am betraying the home team. No I am not a bandwagon jumper who just chooses which team is winning the most and start following them. I have been a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles for a very long time, even in disappointing years like last year they are still my team and always will be. However growing up in Utah without an NFL team the Broncos have felt sort of like a home team around here especially in the Elway days, every kid on the playground had a Broncos Jersey… except me. But ever since then I have been following them with interest especially when they picked up Tebow.

Last season the Broncos were a ton of fun to watch….. in the fourth quarter that is. Game winning drive after game winning drive I often felt Tim Tebow reserved all of his good throws for the last drive preserving the precious passes. I could only imagine the frustration of true fans as they watched missed pass after missed pass during the first three quarters of the game. Yet the exhilirating payoff of a last second comeback win created Tebow hysteria around the entire country.

Let me be clear Tim Tebow knows how to win and could possibly make a great Quarterback in the NFL. Here is what I would do if I owned the Broncos. I would send Tim Tebow to the Peyton Manning school for Quarterbacks. Have Tim watch everything that Peyton does. My favorite thing about Manning is his amazing ability to read defenses. Watching him audible at the line of scrimmage as he is dissecting a defense is beautiful. Tim can learn a lot from Manning…. well EVERYTHING except scrambling because Manning doesn’t do that. While understudying at Manning U Tim can be utilized as a duel threat running back on special plays pitch him the ball and give him the option of running or throwing. Let TIm run the Wildcat keeping teams off balance, despite the image above Tim has completed many passes in his football career and keeping him on the team and putting him on the field makes the Broncos offense that much harder to prepare for. Last but not least…. what if Tims accuracy, throwing motion, and ability to read defenses increased over the next few years under Manning, with his ability to run and create plays on his feet he could be one amazing Quarterback.

3 thoughts on “The Broncos Manning and Tebow debacle

  1. But the question is, would you want to leave if you were Tebow? Do you think he could start somewhere else? Do you think he would learn more playing more minutes at QB or learning from the best in the game?

  2. Tough questions to answer….. I think if I am Tebow I would want to stay. He knows he has to develop as a QB to be a true competitor he has been working on his throwing. I do not think if he left he would be a guaranteed starter. Luckily for him in football you are only one play away from being the starter. I also do not think Manning will play for 5 more years he is already 35 and has an injury that is still pending on how he will play. Not to mention I really think the Broncos could play him often on special plays.

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