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Punch Your Goals In The Face

by Jared on 29 February, 2012, no comments

Laziness vs Productivity

How to put off your lazy side and embrace the productive ninja inside.

Calvin being lazy

Calvin embracing his inner productive ninja

Most of us wouldn’t consider ourselves lazy, or unmotivated. Yet when asked we are not reaching our goals. I have struggled with achieving my goals in the past and have found a few simple yet effective ways to achieve my goals enabling me to punch them in the face.   So how do you punch your goals in the face?

1. Write your goals down: If it isn’t written down in a place that will remind you of your goals then your goals do not exist. This year for Christmas I asked for a large white board to put in the office. On the white board I have my goals broken down into a few different lengths with actionable items under each time frame. Set a few long term goals and then focus on yearly monthly and weekly goals, if you are reaching those you will reach your long term goals. Pay partifular attention to your weekely actionable items, what you do each week defines what will happen over the course of a month and year. Writing your goals down is like cracking your knuckles just before you punch your goals in the face, loosening those muscles and joints so the blow to the face hurts more than the blow to your hands.

2. Identify a accountability partner: A accountability partner is someone who will follow up with you on your goals and give you suggestions on how you can reach them. This can be your spouse or a sibling, however I encourage you to find someone who can really push you when you are putting off doing those more difficult action items. I use a mastermind group for this, where we get together once a month and communicate on a daily basis to help achieve our goals. I have given the group members permission to really push me hard when I am not achieving my goals. The goals I have set are achievable if I am willing to stick to my plan and do the work. So I have no reason to ever not achieve them.

3: Act now start punching: At first you may just start throwing wild punches or attempts at your goals. Some will land and you will succeed in acheiving that particular goal however most will miss or be reflected. This is where most of us start to get lazy we fail and so we want to give up just like every other time. The truth is we can’t do it alone, we need help and an accountability partner is that help.

4. Train yourself and get help: Look to your friends, accountability partners and others to help you develop the abilities you need to accomplish your goals. Also look to professionals for training find someone who is an expert in that field whether its’ fitness or finance or business ect… With your new found training and skills you will be knocking your goals out in no time at all except….

5. Laziness punches back: For me the hardest part about being truly productive is getting to those difficult tasks that seem impossible to finish, we start them get tired or frustrated and then move onto easier tasks. My suggestion go stand in front of that board or list of goals…. remind yourself of your goals and what you want. Get to work punching that difficult actionable item in the face until you see….. progress.

Productivity is a daily choice and it is difficult. What have you done to increase your productivity lately? “We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work”
Thomas A. Edison



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