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Our Utah Life is a site dedicated too just that, our adventures living in Utah. We love Utah and want to share our love for it with you. The site will have regular posts about Utah lifestyle. This blog is not a daddy, family or mommy blog although we will talk about all of those things. It is not a personal diary or journal it is a blog about a family trying to live our lives to the fullest, finding the things that make us happy and every adventure along the way. Why should you read this blog? The truth is you probably shouldn’t not because it’s not good, but because there is probably someone who means a lot to you who needs you more than you need this blog. Whether it’s your spouse, child or friend who you should be spending this time with, go do something with them that will create a lasting memory. You can always read this when they are asleep.

So who are we? Jared,Lauren, Wyatt and Molly our Labrador.


Lauren my beautiful wife is an aspiring fashionista who once had a blog dedicated to shoes. Lauren is also a phenomenal cook, and creative. She is my best friend and I am so grateful to be married to her. Lauren was raised in the rain boot state of Washington and moved to Utah for college. She is quiet, however like all quiet girls she knows how to get her way, and tells me everything she was thinking as soon as we have left the party. I’m Jared and I LOVE UTAH. I grew up in a small community up Spanish Fork Canyon. I love doing just about anything outdoors and so Utah is a great fit. I have been able to experience a lot of things in the state, and hope to have many more adventures to document and share.

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